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Test Automation Software (MOTOR AZMA)

Test Automation Software (MOTOR AZMA)

Closed-loop control, control logic and safety monitoring are base Functions on every engine test bed. The quality of measurement results Is directly dependent on accuracy, dynamics and stability of the Control system. The Motor Azma Test Bed Automation provides all the features you need to run a wide range of Engine Test Programmes from simple manual testing to dynamic automatic tests. operation of an engine test bed with dynamometer and combustion engine. In the configuration Motor Azma Test Bed Automation, the combustion engine can be tested without operator presence. The Motor Azma is used on quality control test beds (performance, consumption, emissions) as well as in research and development (function and endurance testing, ECU calibration). The Motor Azma provides the complete software for the control and manual.

Engine Test Bench Automation Software - Motor Azma


Technical features:
• Powerful, real-time test schedules
• Simple-to-use, graphical Workflows
• Multi-level limit alarms
• Multiple data loggers
• Controllable user interaction and selection during a test
• Flexible display pages
• Powerful real-time system
• Test Field operation
• User definable project structure
• User friendly, graphical tools to automate the test
Dina Engine Connect

Dina Engine Connect

The Dina Engine Connect marshals the signals from the test system sensors. This allows transducers and sensors to be rigged onto an engine while away from the test cell and simply connected to the connector panel when the engine is brought into the cell. The connectors for the transducers and sensors are mounted on the side of the Dina Engine Connect. Mounting of the Dina Engine Connect is via four fixing bolts this makes it both easy and versatile to attach the Dina Engine Connect to a post, on a wall or directly onto a test stand. Dina Engine Connect is designed to accept combinations of the following signals and sensors: Thermocouples, PRT’s, Pressures, Voltages and Frequency’s.

Dina Engine Connect - Transducer Box


Technical features:
• Pressure Transducers for various bar range inputs
• Frequency Inputs
• Platinum Resistance Thermometers inputs
• K type thermocouple inputs
• digital inputs
• digital outputs
• analog inputs (100 Hz)
• fast analog inputs (1kHz)
• analog outputs
• Work in hard thermal condition from -10 to 50 Centigrade degree
• Send and receive error and error removal signals to/from central controller
• 0.5 kW input power and 50 Hz frequency
*customer needs
• Wall cabinet
• pressure and thermal sensors
• cable set
• user manual and technical charts
• System capability can be increased by the simple addition of one of the other sizes of Dina Engine Connect either for extra channels or to allow a connector panel in a different location in the cell.
• Perfect industrial designing in relevant with engine test booth’s conditions.
• Fine connections and being user friendly
Fuel Flow Meter System – gravity method

Fuel Flow Meter System – gravity method

Accurate measurement of fuel consumption on engine testing activities is vital .on Dinamotors gravimetric fuel consumption device could find 2 is accurate weighting system that measure differences of fuel tank weight on specific time therefore calculate fuel consumptions accurately .second system is fuel conditioning system that could maintain fuel temperature with +/_1 degree of centigrade and also intelligent device for extracting bubbles from fuel and venting therefore could achievable stable fuel consumption measurement.

Engine Fuel Consumption Meter


Technical features:
• Digital gravimetric measurement device
• Circulation fuel pump
• Solenoid fuel valve
• Fuel pressure sensor
• Fuel flow measurement up to 80 kg/hr.
• Fuel temperature control +/_ 1 degree
• Fuel measurment device
• user manual
• Simple system with easy maintenance
• Economic device
• Professional fuel condition system
• diesel and gasoline measurement capability
Servo Throttle Actuator (KAMAND)

Servo Throttle Actuator (KAMAND)

The KAMAND Servo Throttle Actuator regulation unit is a versatile linear actuator for operating the throttles and injection pumps of internal combustion engines. KAMAND Throttle Actuator includes a AC servomotor and a toothed rack actuating system with attached flexible cable. Throttle Actuator regulation unit is a positioning system for linear motion. State-of-the-art power semiconductors (IGBT) and consistent use of microprocessors allow the power and control unit to be mounted compactly in a wall cabinet. Manual adjustment and diagnosis are carried out via the KAMAND Remote control which is connected straight to the wall cabinet.

Throttle Actuator


Technical features:
• Max. shifting travel: 110 mm
• Max. shifting force: 200 N
• Shifting speed: 0.5 m/s
• Repetitive accuracy: ± 0.05 mm
• Push-and-pull operation
• Limitation of shifting force
• Power supply: 50/60 Hz/200 to 240 V
• Remote control for Manual adjustment
• Input command (0 to 10V)
• Output Position (0 to 10V)
• Ambient temperature: -10 to 50 Cº
• Linear motion
• Maintenance-free, convection-cooled servo-controlled drive
• Emergency stop
• Push-and-pull operation
• Adjustment of zero and final position
• Connection via Flexible cable
• Limitation of shifting force
Air to Fuel Ratio (AFR) Analyzer

Air to Fuel Ratio (AFR) Analyzer

The DHBS102 Lambda Meter is a high-precision measuring device for emission levels. It allows determining lambda values, oxygen content, and A/F ratio, as well as internal resistance, pump current of the LSU lambda sensor. This device permits exhaust gas measurements on gasoline, diesel, and gas engines. Based on the output signals from Bosch LSU broadband lambda probes, the measurement results can be calculated either by means of an analytical method that considers fuel properties and ambient conditions or by characteristic curves. The Lambda Meter DHBS102 is suited to both engine test bed use and in-vehicle deployment.
Air to Fuel Ratio Analyzer


Technical features:
• Ability to display data with 0.00x accuracy
• Configurable display menu to display lambda, oxygen, A/F,current and resistance of the sensor
• PID adjustment to adjust output swing and response time
• High accurate analog out
• Equipped with USB and RS232 interface
• Ability to connect to Bosh LSU 4x Series oxygen sensors
• Lambda acuracy: ± 0.015
• Response time: 0.01 second
• Dimensions (W D H): 206 150 70 mm
• Weight: 1 Kg
• Calibrated oxygen sensor
• Sensor cable (10 m)
• Analog output cable
• User manual
• Usage of low cost and common sensor LSU BOSCH sensors
• small size and light and suitable to use in mobile tests
• Ability to connect with special mapping softwares
Indicating Pressure Measurment (EHTERAGH)

Indicating Pressure Measurment (EHTERAGH)

The EHTERAGH DH8C01 is a combustion measurement device. Eight analog inputs for cylinder, with a signal amplification and crank angle encoder enable to record indicating pressure through pressure sensors. An integrated 100 Mbit/s Ethernet interface supports the real time raw data transfer to a connected laptop or PC utilizing the data acquisition software EHTERAGHNAMA.
Indicating Pressure Measurement


Technical features:
• 8 input channels
• 16 bit analog input resolution
• Max. speed up to 8000 RPM
• Ability to connect to 900, 1800 and 3600 pulse per revolution encoder
• Real time data recording
• Interface to PC / Notebook via ethernet
• Supply input: DC 9-36 V
• Temperature range: -10 to 60 °C
• Dimensions (W . D . H): 155 * 200 * 86 mm
• Weight: 1200 gr
• Full connection cable set
• Pressure indicator software
• User manual
• Easy handling and installation
• Ability to connect to 3600 pulse per REV encoder
• Real time data recording
• Specific software package

About us

About us:

DinaMotors is privately owned and independent company for the development of powertrain systems as well as instrumentation and test systems in Middle East. DinaMotors is acting in the following scopes of business:

• Automotive test system
• Power train engineering
• Training

Close relationship with main companies active in powertrain enhancement, noticeable investment in hardware and software for product development and also intimate relationship with automotive industry politicians, has turned DINA Motors to the important provider company of engineering services in power-train throughout the Middle East. Our core competency includes the Power train engineering, laboratory equipments and part production and training. We can provide prepared solutions of production for our customers, in such a way that from design comprehension to technical support of the product will be supplied to the customer.

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Contact us:

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