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Customer Defined Bench

Dina Motors has been working in the field of laboratory and quality control equipment for more than 10 years. We in the design and Manufacturing team are ready to provide solutions and equipment in order to evaluate your products as accurately as possible. We already have Designed many test bench for different companies.


Sample Equipment:

  • Thermal Cycler
  • Sunroof Test Bench
  • Exhaust After Treatment Test Bench

Containerized Test Bench

Dina Motors is a provider of Total Testing Solutions for customers requiring a turn key solution for combustion & electrical engine, driveline and powertrain test beds. One possibility of building turn key test benches is to implement Dina Motors test equipment into a containerized test cell. This flexible solution can be optimized to fullfil customer requirements like a structure building and has the advantage to be relocated easily.


A modular designed containerized test cell has following advantages:

  • Basic module with all necessary options required by the market
  • Different sizes of container modules to fit testing purpose (dimensions/application and specimens size/R&D or endurance testing)
  • Compatible with the other Dina Motors products and equipment
  • 100% design to customer requirements is possible
  • From one test cell to complete test field, installation aligned to customer time and budget schedule
  • Completely pre-tested on Dina’s labs center
  • Easy integration on customer site
  • Short final commissioning on customer site
  • Full cost control for customer

Motorcycle Test Bench

The Dina test bench for Motorcycles has been developed to be used on multi-model lines and is therefore equipped with all the necessary adjustments in order to be adaptable to an important variability of vehicles. The only limit on the test bench that is proposed will be the maximum length and width of the vehicles considered in the offer request phase. The proposed bench will in fact be adaptable to all vehicle ranges, if they are contained within the maximum and minimum dimensions considered. For the rest, the whole range of predictable variability can be tested on the test bench in question.


In particular, you can see some details of the bench which can be properly implemented to perform all the required tests.


  • Total adaptability to the pace of the motorcycle during the break-in phase
  • Total modularity: every test can be implemented also in the second phase after setup
  • Front clamp unit for automatic locking of the vehicle without necessity to be tied
  • Approved for tests in standard configuration

Test Stand

Test Stands are a solution for starting and testing prome movers before they are installed in a vehicle, boat, truck, pump and etc. Easily test new, used or rebuilt prime movers, detect faults, tune, and Develop.

These test stands will be designed according to types of prime mover that’s going to be tested. Dina Motors Test stands include dampers to absorb vibrations caused by running test. to reduce cyclic stress on test cell floor and noise. Vibrations can result failure and reduce equipment lifespan. We’re able to design test stand for specific prime mover or build it adjustable to be compatible with a range of prime movers.

Test Softwares

With more than 10 years of experience in designing Test softwares, the Software team of Dina Motors is ready to meet all types of customer needs.

Sample products:

Motor Azma – Engine Testing Software

Motor Azma is specially developed for engine testing. This software is useful for all types of durability, development and quality control tests at the end of production line. Relying on the flexibility of the design of this software, within 10 years since the presentation of the first edition of the Motor Azma, its development and upgrade has continued and now it can meet the needs of different industries in the engine test.


Takaneh- Acoustic transducer and Analyzer

Takaneh have been developed In order to record and display vibration and sound data, frequency analysis and drawing of various 3D diagrams.


Ehteragh- Combustion analyzer 

In this software, all the capabilities are considered for complete combustion analysis and stochastic analysis of the combustion and knocking in the engine.

Cylinder Pressure Analyzer (Ehteragh)

Combustion Analysis And Cylinder Pressure Measurement

Accurate measurements of cylinder pressure and crank angle as well as intake- and exhaust-gas pressure are absolutely crucial factors when developing combustion engines. Ehteragh offers a comprehensive portfolio of combustion analysis technology for a variety of applications, ranging from water-cooled and uncooled piezoelectric cylinder pressure sensors to measuring spark plugs and glow plug adapters with integrated miniature pressure sensors. Piezoresistive absolute pressure sensors for gas exchange and injection pressure measurements with digital temperature compensation guarantee maximum precision. Thanks to a wide range of interfaces, measurement results are easily transmitted to other instruments.


Advantages Of Dina Motors Cylinder Pressure Indication On The Test Bench:

  • High-precision piezoelectric cylinder pressure sensors for any engine application
  • applications with a variety of amplifier plug-ins (charge amplifiers, piezoresistive amplifiers)
  • Ready-to-measure and ready-to-use solutions, simple to operate
  • Accurate crank angle encoder including electronics for connection to various indication systems
  • Piezoresistive absolute pressure sensors to measure gas exchange pressures
  • High-pressure sensors to measure injection pressure
  • PiezoSmart (TEDS) makes sensor handling simple (automatic sensor detection) and helps avoid setup errors


Lambda Reader (DINO2)

An oxygen-sensitive reading device is a highly accurate measuring device that measures the amount of oxygen contained in the combustion gases of internal combustion engines with a variety offuels, including gasoline, diesel, or natural gas. This device measures the concentration or lack of oxygen in the exhaust outlet of internal combustion engines and uses this quantity to calculate the Landa coefficient and the air-to-fuel ratio.

Blow-by Meter (Saba)

To comply with emission legislation for new combustion engines today and in the future, engine testing will become more and more complex. This also means that the requirements for crankcase ventilation systems will continue to increase. To tackle these challenges, we offer the Dina Motors blow-by meter, “Saba” an indispensable instrument with a unique performance.


Saba measures the leak gas which occurs between the gaps around pistons, piston rings and valve guides. These gases enter the crankcase and leak via the crankcase breather. The volume of blow by gas has proven to be a sensitive indicator of the state of the piston rings, pistons and cylinder walls. It is a valuable tool in both engines under development and in engines fresh out of production and already in use.


  • Range: 3 to 150/300 lpm (Saba 150/Saba 300)
  • Accuracy: 2% full sacale
  • Protection: Ip55

Fuel Consumption

The current system is an accurate solution for measuring fuel consumption. The insensitivity of this system to the mixed air in the fuel is the main advantage that makes the user use the exact amount of fuel consumption. To use the fuel consumption system of Dina Driven Power Development Company, use the products of a world-renowned company, and all safety considerations have been considered to prevent and eliminate the danger. In addition to the flow measurement, the temperature, temperature and fuel pressure in this system are adjusted by using the controller, and if the air in the fluid performs air operations automatically.

Throttle Actuator (Kamand)

Kamand operates the throttle and injection pump on internal combustion engines.
The actuator of the Kamand includes a brushless servomotor and a toothed rack actuating system with its attached flexible cable. The power and control electronics of the Kamand are located in a wall cabinet. The device is operated by digital and analog signals.


Key benefits include:

  • Automatic adjustment of zero and end position
  • Maintenance-free construction
  • Limitation of actuation force
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