The DHBS102 Lambda Meter is a high-precision measuring device for emission levels. It allows determining lambda values, oxygen content, and A/F ratio, as well as internal resistance, pump current of the LSU lambda sensor. This device permits exhaust gas measurements on gasoline, diesel, and gas engines. Based on the output signals from Bosch LSU broadband lambda probes, the measurement results can be calculated either by means of an analytical method that considers fuel properties and ambient conditions or by characteristic curves. The Lambda Meter DHBS102 is suited to both engine test bed use and in-vehicle deployment.
Air to Fuel Ratio Analyzer


Technical features:
• Ability to display data with 0.00x accuracy
• Configurable display menu to display lambda, oxygen, A/F,current and resistance of the sensor
• PID adjustment to adjust output swing and response time
• High accurate analog out
• Equipped with USB and RS232 interface
• Ability to connect to Bosh LSU 4x Series oxygen sensors
• Lambda acuracy: ± 0.015
• Response time: 0.01 second
• Dimensions (W D H): 206 150 70 mm
• Weight: 1 Kg
• Calibrated oxygen sensor
• Sensor cable (10 m)
• Analog output cable
• User manual
• Usage of low cost and common sensor LSU BOSCH sensors
• small size and light and suitable to use in mobile tests
• Ability to connect with special mapping softwares