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About us

About us:

DinaMotors is privately owned and independent company for the development of powertrain systems as well as instrumentation and test systems in Middle East. DinaMotors is acting in the following scopes of business:

• Automotive test system
• Power train engineering
• Training

Close relationship with main companies active in powertrain enhancement, noticeable investment in hardware and software for product development and also intimate relationship with automotive industry politicians, has turned DINA Motors to the important provider company of engineering services in power-train throughout the Middle East. Our core competency includes the Power train engineering, laboratory equipments and part production and training. We can provide prepared solutions of production for our customers, in such a way that from design comprehension to technical support of the product will be supplied to the customer.

Contact us

Contact us:

Central office:

 Suite 4, No.46, Maleki St., Amiri Taeme (Golbarg) Blvd., Tehran Pars, Tehran, IRAN

Zip code: 1651897784

Phone: (+9821) 77737824 – 77733216 – 77760150 – 77760166 – 77726926

Fax: (+9821) 89784593 – 77294538



No. 24, 9th South St., Golgoon Industrial Zone, Shahriyar Road, Fath Highway, Tehran, IRAN

Zip code: 3353178973

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