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Transducer and Sensors (Dina Engine Connect)

Dina Engine Connect has been designed and developed in order to send information to the software of the test room, which includes a box for installing temperature and pressure sensors along with the relevant connectors. In this set, modular data cards are installed and the data is sent according to common protocols. This transducer box also has the ability to send data on Wi-Fi network. Depending on the customer’s needs, this system can be designed in portable, static or hanging form, in various dimensions. The sensitivities, circuits and measuring range used in the box are designed exactly according to the customer’s needs.

Dynamometer Controller (Mahar)

Mahar is the state-of-the-art test stand controller for automotive and marine prime mover testing. The latest generation offers you advanced hardware and software for the highest performance, and touch functionality for intuitive operation. It is suitable for test stands with a synchronous machine asynchronous machine, hydraulic dynamometer and eddy current dynamometer  as well as tandem applications.


This controller covers the complete range of automotive testing requirements in control, monitoring and data acquisition. It is optimized for the control of torque, speed, throttle position or a free selectable parameter x.

AC Dynamometer

AC dynamometers (dynos) provide accurate and repeatable dynamometer control under stringent operating conditions for various testing applications. Whether testing small electric tools, large electric motors, off-road diesel engines, marine diesel engines or powertrain components, we offer a dyno and drive that’s right for you.


Advantages include:

  • Regenerative and Non-Regenerative models
  • Low inertia
  • Induction or permanent magnet motor technology
  • Various mounting options
  • Fast response for transient testing
  • Compact design allows us to provide a package using as little of your valuable floor space as possible
  • Custom options available, up to 880 hp (656 kW)

Hydraulic Dynamometers (Water Brake Dynos)

For trucking, off-road, sailing and mining equipment, Dina hydraulic dynamometers (also known as water brake) offer the rugged operation and accuracy you need to ensure success.

Ideal for a wide range of markets, water brake engine dynamometers churn water inside the housing and transfers energy by momentum exchange and water shear. The more water flowing through the dyno, the greater the braking force exerted on the device under test.


Water Brake Dyno Advantages include:

  • High power absorption
  • Low inertia
  • Longevity
  • Unlimited continuous use
  • No electrical requirements

Eddy Current Dynamometer

A precise, low-maintenance, rapid response and repeatable alternative to water brake technology, Dina Eddy Current Engine Dynamometer provide low-inertia, air- or water-cooled operation for testing different kinds of prime movers. This style of dynamometer produces braking torque using the principle of eddy currents induced in a rotating metallic disk, immersed in a magnetic field. A strain gauge load cell on all models provides torque measurement capabilities for precise test and development applications. The rugged design of the power absorbing system – further enhanced by nickel plating of critical components in contact with the cooling water – ensures a long operating life, even in the most demanding applications and environments.


Eddy Current Dyno advantages include

  • Durability
  • Higher speed
  • Tighter control
  • Faster response

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