The Dina Engine Connect marshals the signals from the test system sensors. This allows transducers and sensors to be rigged onto an engine while away from the test cell and simply connected to the connector panel when the engine is brought into the cell. The connectors for the transducers and sensors are mounted on the side of the Dina Engine Connect. Mounting of the Dina Engine Connect is via four fixing bolts this makes it both easy and versatile to attach the Dina Engine Connect to a post, on a wall or directly onto a test stand. Dina Engine Connect is designed to accept combinations of the following signals and sensors: Thermocouples, PRT’s, Pressures, Voltages and Frequency’s.

Dina Engine Connect - Transducer Box


Technical features:
• Pressure Transducers for various bar range inputs
• Frequency Inputs
• Platinum Resistance Thermometers inputs
• K type thermocouple inputs
• digital inputs
• digital outputs
• analog inputs (100 Hz)
• fast analog inputs (1kHz)
• analog outputs
• Work in hard thermal condition from -10 to 50 Centigrade degree
• Send and receive error and error removal signals to/from central controller
• 0.5 kW input power and 50 Hz frequency
*customer needs
• Wall cabinet
• pressure and thermal sensors
• cable set
• user manual and technical charts
• System capability can be increased by the simple addition of one of the other sizes of Dina Engine Connect either for extra channels or to allow a connector panel in a different location in the cell.
• Perfect industrial designing in relevant with engine test booth’s conditions.
• Fine connections and being user friendly