Validation tests of engines run on the engine dyno aim to determine the durability and reliability of the engine, including its individual components. Such tests, depending on the type of engine (light duty/heavy duty), last from 400 to 3000 hours and simulate accumulated mileages in the range of 150000 to 500000 km in a relatively short time. At the test bench, any test can be mapped and performed under reproducible laboratory conditions, which facilitates the interpretation of the results obtained and also lowers the test costs in relation to the work carried out on the vehicle. The engines are equipped with a series of sensors that measure the current operating parameters (e.g. temperature, pressure, ECU parameters) registered by the automation system, and at the end of the test, depending on the customer’s requirements, a detailed metrological and material analysis is carried out allowing a final assessment of each component and possible qualification for production.


Sample tests

  • Gasoline Engine Life Test
  • Reliability Growth Test
  • Piston Ring Sticking Test
  • Piston Functional Fatigue Test
  • EGR Valve Sticking Test
  • Timing Belt Durability Test
  • Accessory Belt Test
  • Accelerated Bearing Test
  • Valve Seat Pull Out Test
  • EGR Clogging Test
  • Valve Seat Pull Out Test
  • Turbocharger Accelerated Endurance Test
  • Engine Components Vibration Test