Closed-loop control, control logic and safety monitoring are base Functions on every engine test bed. The quality of measurement results Is directly dependent on accuracy, dynamics and stability of the Control system. The Motor Azma Test Bed Automation provides all the features you need to run a wide range of Engine Test Programmes from simple manual testing to dynamic automatic tests. operation of an engine test bed with dynamometer and combustion engine. In the configuration Motor Azma Test Bed Automation, the combustion engine can be tested without operator presence. The Motor Azma is used on quality control test beds (performance, consumption, emissions) as well as in research and development (function and endurance testing, ECU calibration). The Motor Azma provides the complete software for the control and manual.

Engine Test Bench Automation Software - Motor Azma


Technical features:
• Powerful, real-time test schedules
• Simple-to-use, graphical Workflows
• Multi-level limit alarms
• Multiple data loggers
• Controllable user interaction and selection during a test
• Flexible display pages
• Powerful real-time system
• Test Field operation
• User definable project structure
• User friendly, graphical tools to automate the test