With more than 10 years of experience in designing Test softwares, the Software team of Dina Motors is ready to meet all types of customer needs.

Sample products:

Motor Azma – Engine Testing Software

Motor Azma is specially developed for engine testing. This software is useful for all types of durability, development and quality control tests at the end of production line. Relying on the flexibility of the design of this software, within 10 years since the presentation of the first edition of the Motor Azma, its development and upgrade has continued and now it can meet the needs of different industries in the engine test.


Takaneh- Acoustic transducer and Analyzer

Takaneh have been developed In order to record and display vibration and sound data, frequency analysis and drawing of various 3D diagrams.


Ehteragh- Combustion analyzer 

In this software, all the capabilities are considered for complete combustion analysis and stochastic analysis of the combustion and knocking in the engine.