Accurate measurement of fuel consumption on engine testing activities is vital .on Dinamotors gravimetric fuel consumption device could find 2 is accurate weighting system that measure differences of fuel tank weight on specific time therefore calculate fuel consumptions accurately .second system is fuel conditioning system that could maintain fuel temperature with +/_1 degree of centigrade and also intelligent device for extracting bubbles from fuel and venting therefore could achievable stable fuel consumption measurement.

Engine Fuel Consumption Meter


Technical features:
• Digital gravimetric measurement device
• Circulation fuel pump
• Solenoid fuel valve
• Fuel pressure sensor
• Fuel flow measurement up to 80 kg/hr.
• Fuel temperature control +/_ 1 degree
• Fuel measurment device
• user manual
• Simple system with easy maintenance
• Economic device
• Professional fuel condition system
• diesel and gasoline measurement capability