Vibrational and NVH – On Engine

We perform measurements of engine noise and vibrations and the engine dyno. We have performed several dozen such measurements at various locations on the engine: both on the block, sub-systems, turbine and exhaust. We always measure the engine speed at the same time, which is necessary, for example, for Order analysis. If this is not enough, we can also precisely determine the acoustic power of the engine at constant

speeds using an intensity probe. Measurement results can be elaborated in the form of various graphs, but we can also provide raw data as .uff, .txt, .wav files, and in other formats.


  • Frequency (FFT, CPB, FRF and others)
  • Time Domain
  • Order
  • Torsional vibration measurements
  • Operational
  • Deflection Shapes
  • Overall
  • Plots as a function of time, rotational speed, frequency, order, etc
  • Export as: .uff, .txt, .wav, .sdf and other formats
  • We can also perform customer signal analysis (.unv, .uff, etc



Vibrational and NVH – On Test bench

Vibrations and mechanical shocks are generated by an electrodynamic inductor allowing Performing Resistance to sinusoidal vibration, random and mechanical shock tests on the vertical or horizontal axes.

The climatic chamber is integrated into the vibration test bench, which permits production of the required temperature/climatic condition during vibration tests.

We provide the appropriate power supply; electric load, media circuits (air, cooling liquids, etc.) depending on the required installation conditions of the object under test.

We have one- or three-axis accelerometers with a wide range of sensitivities (selected depending on required usage); the vibration system has 6 input channels allowing multichannel vibration control to be conducted and measurement of the test component’s response. We also have great experience in designing and producing vibration brackets.

Dina Motors conducts various types of vibration tests. Elements tested include:

  • Body Elements
  • Connectors
  • Car Lamps
  • Dashboards
  • Batteries
  • Lights
  • Alternators
  • Radiators
  • Other Compone



Vibrational and NVH- Modal Analysis

Modal analysis allows determination of dynamic parameters of mechanical systems, such as:

  •  natural frequency (possibility of determination using experimental or analytical methods
  • natural vibration character, damping
  • natural vibration character,
  • damping

Modal analysis is not only a good tool for solving problems connected to resonance, but also it plays a great role in product quality control:

  • quality of casts for brake discs and drums,
  • compatibility of vibration dampers with requirements (frequency and damping),
  • an object’s modal characteristics with reference to a mathematical model.

A system can be stimulated using different types of excitation:

  • impulsive (modal hammer),
  • sine wave, random (vibration system).