Dina Motors is a provider of Total Testing Solutions for customers requiring a turn key solution for combustion & electrical engine, driveline and powertrain test beds. One possibility of building turn key test benches is to implement Dina Motors test equipment into a containerized test cell. This flexible solution can be optimized to fullfil customer requirements like a structure building and has the advantage to be relocated easily.


A modular designed containerized test cell has following advantages:

  • Basic module with all necessary options required by the market
  • Different sizes of container modules to fit testing purpose (dimensions/application and specimens size/R&D or endurance testing)
  • Compatible with the other Dina Motors products and equipment
  • 100% design to customer requirements is possible
  • From one test cell to complete test field, installation aligned to customer time and budget schedule
  • Completely pre-tested on Dina’s labs center
  • Easy integration on customer site
  • Short final commissioning on customer site
  • Full cost control for customer