Special tests include non-standard tests performed using specialist test equipment, such as strain gauges to determine material deformation, or tests performed on a specially prepared test stand (TILT), which are designed to determine the specific parameters of the engine and its components.


Sample Tests

  • Crankshaft Stress Measurements
  • Accelerated Crankshaft Test
  • Torsional Vibration Test
  • Start & Stop Test
  • Oil Carry Over Test (Tilting Bench)
  • Generator Test


Strain Gauge Measurements

Direct measurements of deformation using strain gauges at temperatures up to 200°C. Measurements in quarter-bridge, semi-bridge and full-bridge systems, with frequency ranges as high as 40 kHz.

Possibility of recording the signal for later analysis. Static, quasi-static and dynamic measurements.


Aims Of Strain Gauge Measurements 

  • compAims Of Strain Gauge Measurements 
  • arison of real values with computational values,
  • ensuring repeatability fatigue tests (on various rigs),
  • determining the causes of formation of premature cracks,
  • indirect force measurement of the system.